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One of the aims of an International Education is to develop global citizens with 21st century skills who can move around the world with confidence. This requires a different approach to education, one that helps children develop the skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge that they will need for now and the rest of their lives.

The period between birth and 5 years old is the most crucial stage of development and the pathways that are laid down in the brain during that time, affect the rest of a persons life. Therefore, it is important that young children have access to the best environment, practitioners and resources they can possibly have.

The appropriate experiences at the appropriate time can ensure that optima learning takes place. In addition to this, the environment has a major impact on stimulation of the senses. Research has shown that a natural environment has been proven to have a significant positive effect on children’s learning. Children need to be stimulating all of their senses and activities need to cater for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. They also need to access the curriculum both indoors and out. School should be a place for children to explore, thrive and enjoy.

As Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, said:
“The most effective kind of education is that
a child should play amongst lovely things”