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Irine Bolma- Catkins (Rising 2s)


Irine Bolma is our Registered-Nurse. Miss Irine has over 9 years’ experience in the medical field and 8 years’ experience in working with young children in international kindergartens. Miss Irine taught three years in Catkins and Acorns. This year she will be working again with Catkins children. 


Alexandra Grama - White Oaks (3-4s)


Miss. Alex has joined our school 3 years ago and has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in School Psychology and Educational Counseling and a Teaching Certificate. She has over 8 years of experience working in other International Schools and this year Miss. Alex will be teaching our White Oaks children.


Rozalia Mihaela Bognar -Catkins (rising 2s) 


Rozalia Bognar has a degree in Educational Sciences. She has previous experience in working with young children and since October 2017 she has volunteered in our school, working with Catkins and Acorns groups. This year Miss Rozalia will be working with Catkins children. 


Helen Draper- Acorns (2-3s) 


Helen Draper has a 5 ‘ A’ levels certificate in Mathematics-General,Mathematics- Pure & Applied, English, French and Italian. She has previous experience in working with children in international schools from Shanghai and Chanthaburi, Thailand teaching English, Art and Drama.

Helen previously volunteered in our school and this year she will be working with Acorns children.



Dana Boyer – Acorns (2-3s)


Dana Boyer is a Preschool and Elementary school teacher and holds a certificate in teaching English from Cambridge University. She has previously taught both elementary and English language in Romania and India and has joined the Acorns crew. This year she will be teaching the Acorns


Patricia Pantella- White Oaks (3-4s)


Patricia Pantella has a PGCE Professional Graduate Certificate in Primary Education. Miss Patricia has over 11 years’ experience in working with the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 children. She has previously worked in Romania in British Schools, as well as overseas in International Schools from Amman, UAE and Mongolia. Miss Patricia will continue working with White Oaks children.


Sian Davies - Red Oaks (4-5s)


Sian Davies has a BA in Primary Education and over 13 years of teaching experience in the UK and Malaysia. This is Miss Sian's fifth year in our school and she will be teaching the Red Oaks children. 


Alina Dumitru - Red Oaks (4-5s)


Alina Dumitru has a degree in Education with a major in Psychology. Miss Alina has over 8 years’ experience of working with children in kindergartens in Romania and England. This is Miss Alina's fifth year in our school and this year she will be teaching our Red Oaks children


John Draper - Breite Oaks (5-6s) 


John Draper has a Bachelor of Science a Certificate of Educational Studies and a Graduate Diploma of Primary Teaching. Mr. John has 9 years’ experience in teaching children in UK and abroad. This year Mr. John will continue teaching Breite Oaks children.