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Kindergarden or Kindergarten ?

From Wikipedia

“A kindergarten (from German Kinder Garten, literally "children's garden") is a preschool educational institution for children. The term was created by Friedrich Fröbel for the play and activity institute that he created in 1837 in Bad Blankenburg as a social experience for children for their transition from home to school. His goal was that children should be taken care of and nourished in "children's gardens" like plants in a garden.

The term kindergarten is used around the world to describe a variety of different institutions that have been developed for children ranging from the ages of two to seven, depending on the country concerned. Many of the activities developed by Fröbel are also used around the world under other names. Playing, singing, practical activities, and social interaction are now widely accepted as essential aspects of developing skills and knowledge.”

So why Kindergarden? Kindergarten is a German word and kindergarden is the anglicised version. An English person would say kindergarden but it is not a term in common use in the UK. Similar establishments would be referred to as Nursery (again a reference to young plants) or Pre School (although if you are learning how can it be pre school?).

Then there is the play on words: using a different pronunciation it becomes a kinder garden (friendly and caring) or a kinda (kind of) garden.
As IPIE is set in a forest, a kind of garden, it seems natural to call it a Kindergarden as a shorthand. Not Kindergarten as all education will be in English.
So Kindergarden, not Kindergarten but definitely a place where children will be able to experience nature close up and where children will be cared for and nourished.

Fröble (or Froebel) would be impressed!