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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the teachers all native English speakers?

No, there will be a mixture of staff but all staff have to have a high standard of English to work with the children

Are staff police checked?
Yes, if they have come from another country they have to have a certificate from the police in that country.
How do you monitor progress?
Observations are made daily and all aspects of the child’s development are recorded. Summaries of these are made available to parents each term.
Do you have medical staff on the premises?
In line with Romanian legislation there will be a nurse on the premises.
Do the teachers follow the child to the next class?
Not usually, staff are deployed taking into account their experience, expertise and training needs. Each year staff will be allocated to the most suitable age range.
How many children for each member of staff?

For the younger children the ratio is 1:5. For the older children it is 1:8.

What are the times of the school day?
Children arrive at 8.45 to start their education promptly at 9am. Lunch is at 12.15pm. The full time children finish at 3.15pm.
Can parents come into the classroom?
Only briefly to drop children off. The teacher will advise you on the procedure for dropping off an picking up. Occasionally, we will invite parents to ‘stay to play’ so your child can show you what they do. In addition to this, we may ask parents to share their culture/country with us by cooking food from that country or bringing in artifacts.
Are there meetings with parents?
Towards the end of each term there will be a parent/teacher meeting . Other than that, if there is a problem we will invite parents in to talk about it, we won't wait for the official meeting
Do you give children food?
A healthy snack is provided mid morning and mid afternoon. Full time children stay for lunch. This is not about eating food but practising social skills, sharing a communal experience. Often children will eat things in this setting that they wont eat at home.
My child doesn’t speak English, is this a problem?
No, almost all children will be in this situation. All staff will be using English to communicate so your child will very soon start to pick up the language. The learning opportunities will be interactive so learning will not depend on the spoken word, it will start the minute they enter the classroom.
If my child is ill can they stay indoors?
Outdoor play is an important feature of what we do. All children will go outside every day, no matter what the weather. If your child is too ill to play outside then they are too ill to be at school.
Do the children sleep after lunch?
We offer 6 hours of education. All children will have the opportunity to take quiet time out but usually the classroom activities are so exciting that children prefer to carry on learning.