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Complaints Procedure Parents

Complaints Procedure Parents

IOANID Preschool has three stages to its complaints procedure. The aim is to try to deal with the complaint, to the satisfaction of the Complainant, at the earliest possible stage.
•    Stage 1 – Informal investigation of a concern.
•    Stage 2 – Formal complaint investigated by the Head of school. 2a- Formal complaint, in writing to Head. 2b-Formal Complaint in writing to Proprietor
•    Stage 3 – Complaint heard before a Panel appointed by the Proprietor. Depending on the situation a member of the panel will be independent from the IOANID Preschool International Education management and running of the school

¨ Low key concerns should initially be addressed to the member of staff in the child’s class (stage 1)
¨ The member of staff may then refer it to the Headteacher, or, if  the parent is not satisfied, they may take the concern direct to the Headteacher
¨ The Headteacher should listen carefully to the concern and make written notes of the points raised by parents (Stage 2)
¨ The Headteacher should investigate the complaint and find out all of the facts before meeting with the parent/s again i.e. Establish what has happened so far, and who has been involved;
· clarify the nature of the complaint and what remains unresolved;
· meet with the complainant  
· clarify what the complainant feels would put things right;
· interview those involved in the matter and/or those complained of, allowing them to be accompanied if they wish;
· conduct the interview with an open mind and be prepared to persist in the questioning;
· keep notes of the interview -Summary of Meeting form-  and give each ‘party’ a copy afterwards
The aim is to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.
*If the parent is not satisfied with the response, the parent will make a formal complaint in writing to the Headteacher.
The Headteacher will make provision for complainant and a panel. The panel will comprise of three people not directly involved in the matter detailed in the complaint. The complaint will be solved within 2 days.
** If the procedure has been followed and the complainant is still not satisfied then the matter can be referred to the proprietor.
The proprietor will appoint a panel that is not directly involved in the matter, in order to meet with the complainant and come to a mutual convenient conclusion. The complainant can be accompanied at this meeting by a friend, relative or legal adviser if they wish. A resolution in writing will be put in place. At this stage the complaint will be solved within three months. (Stage 3)
Documents relating to and written records of all complaints will be kept on the school premises and will remain confidential. A copy of the findings and recommendations is provided to the complainant and, where relevant the person complained about.
 The records will make clear whether they are resolved following a formal procedure or proceed to a panel hearing and detail action taken by the school as a result of most complaints.
Concerns or complaints should be raised within three months of the incident or event to which the complaint relates (or, where the complaint relates to a series of incidents or events, within three months of the latest incident or event).
The school will inform the parents about the number of formal complaints registered during the preceding school year.
Updated on April 2019 to be reviewed on August 2020.