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Stejarii residential club
Calendar of the Academic Year
IPIE School Calendar Academic year 2020-2021
24th August - 31st August
1st September
19th October
19th - 23rd October
26th October
30th November-1st December
18th December
21st December - 1st January
4th January
15th February
15th-19th February
22nd February
29th March
29th March - 9thApril
12th April
30th April- 3rd May
31st May-1st June
21st June
30th June
In-service days for Staff
Start of school
School closes for Half Term Break
Half Term
School opens
National Holiday - School closed
School closes for Winter Holiday at 12 noon
Winter Holiday
School opens for Spring Term
School closes for Half Term
Half Term
School opens
School closes for Spring Holiday
Spring Holiday
School opens for Summer term
National Holiday - School closed
National Holiday-School Closed
National Holiday-School Closed
Last day of school-School closes at 12 noon
Autumn Term: 72 days
Spring Term: 55 days
Summer Term: 53 days