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Attendance Policy and Procedure

IOANID International Preschool seeks to ensure that all its students receive an education which enables them to reach their full potential.

Research shows a strong link between good attendance and increased attainment so we strive for each of our students to achieve attendance that is at least in line with national average at 97%.

Through partnership working with parents we promote regular attendance, for all students at our school.

IOANID International Preschool will:

  • Report to parents how their child is achieving in school and how their child’s attendance is impacting on this, via regular parent evenings.
  • Monitor individual student’s attendance when concerned about a significant amount of absence.
  • Call the parent if the child is not collected at the appointed time
  • Call the parent if the child is missing school

Notify parents when we are worried about their child’s attendance by following the procedure below:

  • Follow up any unexplained absences on the second day of absence through parental contact.

IOANID preschool expects parents to:

  • Impress to their child the importance of regular school attendance and the link between good attendance and attainment
  • Keep absences to a minimum, ensuring that their children are only absent when they are genuinely too sick to attend and ensuring their attendance as soon as they are fit to return.
  • Establish effective communication with us to swiftly address any worries their child may have about any aspect of their education, so that we can work together to resolve this, in these instances parents should contact their child’s student manager who will know your child and will be happy to support you and your child to ensure your child can attend regularly and reach their full potential
  • Contact the school on the 1st day or 2nd day of absence to inform of the reason for absence and the expected return date keeping us informed if the absence is likely to continue so we can ensure your child is safe, and in instances where absence is going to be continual so that we can ensure Morning registers should all be completed by 9.10 am at the latest.  Afternoon registers should be completed by 1pm.

Any pupils (parents) arriving after 9:05 are being seen by the Head of School and they will be marked in the register as late (L).