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>> Induction

Starting school is a major step in a child’s life. They will be entering a strange environment with different rules to those at home. The staff will all speak English to the children so if a child has a different first language this may be a source of anxiety.
All of the staff are experienced and will know how to comfort and settle a child. Please take your lead from them.
If the early days are not handled correctly the child may appear to settle but will show signs of distress at a later stage. To avoid this happening, there will be a carefully monitored induction period.
The very first visit to school will only last a short time. A parent should take the child into the classroom, show them something interesting, talk calmly and explain that you will be going for a cup of coffee and that you will return in about 30 minutes.
The child does not know for sure that you will return so it is essential that after 30 minutes you go back to the classroom to collect the child. Say goodbye and take the child home.
If the child has been distressed, you will repeat this pattern until the child starts to calm down. Once the child is happy to stay, the time is increased to one hour, then 2 hours, then a morning session.
The teacher will guide you each day. This procedure is for the benefit of the child so we ask that you respect the guidance that you are given.

>> Make an appointment / How to register

• If you are interested in a place at the Kindergarden you need to provide some basic details on an enquiry form. This is not a commitment to a place but helps the school in considering where the child will be placed.
• Next, parents need to speak to the Head of School, who will not only show you around the school but also explain the philosophy and curriculum.
• Please contact the office to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time. It is essential that the child accompanies the parents on this visit.
• Once you have made a decision to send your child to the school you need to complete an admission form. There will be a, non-refundable, registration fee of 800Euros.
• After deciding on the programme of attendance (part time or full time) a contract will be drawn up outlining the fees and the times of payments