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IPIE aims to provide a warm, supportive and challenging environment where the child's individuality is nourished and where childhood is cherished. The curriculum will be based on the principles, objectives and outcomes of the EYFS from the English National Curriculum, with the addition of a wider pedagogy in order to cater for the educational needs of its international community. The approach is based on important educational principles and founded on good practice. It is concerned with the child, the context and setting as well as the content of the learning.

The learning characteristics of the EYFS are: playing and exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically. This approach will be supported by experienced, qualified staff and quality resources.

We aim to:
bulid on what the child already knows
provide opportunities for supporting and extending learning and developing knowledge through new experiences
respect Early Childhood as a stage valid in itself, not simply as a preparation for the next stage of education
look at the whole child; understanding that their social, emotional, physical, moral, and intellectual development are all interrelated
foster child initiated learning to promote independence
provide first hand experiences
nurture the potential in all children
use nature as a vehicle for learning
differentiate for equality of access