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Rising 2s (Catkins)
During the first five years of life children go through a rapid stage of
development with 50% of the brain’s growth taking place.
Hallmarks of this age include impatience: whatever they want — they want it NOW! About this time the morning sleep is usually abandoned as the child wants to be moving around and exploring the world. An eighteen month old child wants your TOTAL attention and they will get this by being very loud in their demands and having tantrums.

Even though they are starting to try out independence, these young children will still have anxiety on separation. A familiar toy or comfort blanket will help, the adult getting upset, won’t.

Their body needs to be moving to stimulate the brain and being confined will be resisted (i.e. in the car seat or a high chair). The adult needs to stay cool and calm and try to distract the child. At this stage the groundwork for good manners can be laid, the adult should set a good example. Insist on please and thank you, its not too early!