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5-6 year old children (Breite Oaks)
During the first five years of life children go through a rapid stage of
development with 50% of the brain’s growth taking place.

Although your five-year-old loves to be independent, he/she still needs lots of your love and attention. Connecting with you and his family is the most important thing in his/her life. He/she wants your approval, is proud of his achievements – and probably doesn’t take well to criticism or discipline

The language skills of six-year-olds become increasingly sophisticated throughout the year. Their vocabularies rapidly increase, and their language moves beyond communication to provide a foundation for learning, including the development of independent reading skills. In general, their pronunciation of words is clear and they use complex grammatical forms accurately.

They understand jokes and riddles. Your child also enjoys the opportunity to do ‘show and tell’ at school. Scientific discovery for children this age is affected by their tendency to straddle the world between make-believe and reality. Six-year-olds might continue to give animals human characteristics, such as suggesting what a worm might be thinking, or that a butterfly has eye lashes

Your child’s pretend play is more complex now, filled with lots of fantasy and drama. You might also notice that your child can play with others to achieve a common goal – for example, working together to build one big shelter.