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Catkins: “Rising 2s”
                     Children who are 2 before December 31st start in September
                    Children who are 2 before the end of Spring term start in January
                    Children who are 2 up until 31st August start in the Summer term
Acorns: 2-3 year olds Children must be 2 before 31st August and during the year will turn into 3 year olds
White Oaks: 3-4 year olds Children must be 3 before 31st August and during the year will turn into 4 year olds  (please note: all children entering this class must be toilet trained and full time attendance is compulsory).
Red Oaks: 4-5 year olds Children must be 4 before 31st August and during the year will turn into 5 year olds
Breite Oaks: 5-6 year olds Children must be 5 before 31st August and during the year will turn into 6 year olds

If a class is oversubscribed then the waiting list will be administered as follows:
Priority 1: Sibling links, whose parents showed proof of good-attendance and recognised that attendance and punctuality have a positive impact on the children’s learning
Priority 2: Resident in Stejarii Complex
Priority 3: Nationality

At all times, a full time subscriber takes precedence over a part time subscriber.

Fees are paid in the preceding term. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place if fees are not paid. One a place has been withdrawn there will be a re-entry fee of 800Euros.

Waiting List
When a class is deemed full, a prioritised waiting list will be strictly administered.
I.    Sibling link is the strongest priority and it would only be in exceptional cases, such as poor attendance or frequent lateness, that a sibling would not be admitted to the school.
II.    Whether the child is a resident of Stejarii complex will be taken into consideration. However, residence in the complex does not entitle anyone to a place.
III.    After that, the balance of nationalities in the class will be considered, including whether the child is a native English speaker.
IV.    All things being equal, the age of the child will be a factor, with older children taking priority.
Entry Requirements
1. Initial visit
Parents/guardians should book a visit by calling the school office or writing to the school office or the head of school and answering relevant questions, such as full date of birth, name or nationality, in order for the Inquiry Form to be filled in. Together we will arrange a convenient time for a visit. It is essential that the child accompanies the parents/guardians on this visit.
The visit will be done with the Head of School, who will not only show you around the school but also explain the philosophy and curriculum, attendance, punctuality and advise you of the registration process.
2. Follow up
After the visit, the Head of School will send to the parents by email: The Parent Handbook, The School Calendar and the School Fees. Once the email of enrolment confirmation will be received by the Head of School, from the Parents, the enrolment process will begin.
3. Registration Files and Acceptance
 Documentation Requested to Apply at IOANID Preschool International Education:
•    Personal Data of Parents
•    Personal Data of Child (including medical, diet, behavioural information)
•    Child’s proof of age (copy of passport/birth certificate/visa)
•    Copy of parent’s or legal tutor’s passports/ID card
•    Copy of divorce and custody documents (if applicable)
•    Confirmation of any child protection/safeguarding issues from previous school
•    Copy of previous school report (if applicable)
•    Copy of the vaccination file
•    A note from the child’s paediatrician stating that the child is healthy and fit to join the community
•    The IOANID Preschool International School GDPR Form
3.1. After all documentation was provided, an internal review will take place. If everything is in order, the parents/guardinas will be contacted by the school office or by the head of school and the school contract will be sent to them.
3.2 Fees
Once the school contract is returned signed, in original, to the school, the invoices will be issued. After the payment is confirmed, the enrolment will be confirmed and an welcoming email will be sent to the parents/guardians regarding the induction process, team of teachers, clothing etc.

 Key Person: As the classes are small (average around 18 children), children are not allocated a Key Person but rather form bonds with all members of staff. They also go on to develop bonds with other members of staff who they meet outdoors (green grass and garden) and in the dining room. However, we assign children for summaries and learning journeys but all teachers gather evidence for all children as well as for their ‘focus children.’
All staff are involved in promoting a warm and secure environment and raising children’s self-esteem and promoting children’s independence. Any inappropriate behaviour is challenged and ‘kind hands’ are promoted throughout the school.

Updated on April 2019 to be reviewed on August 2020.